Family Law Practice Areas

Sara Singer is best known for her ability to help her clients feel heard and represented.

Nobody should go through a divorce or family law matter alone. The fact is, family law matters are personal, and they can quickly get emotional putting your kids, assets, and properties at risk. A family law attorney helps keep your goals in sight while helping push the case forward.  

Attorney Sara Singer has represented hundreds of clients, and has earned a reputation of being an incredibly effective attorney who represents her clients fiercely. 

Divorce Lawyer

Your goals are our goals

Serving all of Florida

Comprehensive, yet aggressive representation

High Net-Worth Divorce

Extensive experience with complex divorces

We have a team of top-notch professionals in their field

Protect what is yours

Mediation & Divorce

Divorce mediation is required in Florida

Quicker and more cost-effective

Legally binding and confidential divorce process

Alimony Attorney

Legally ordered spousal support

Many factors go into the amount paid

Changes to permanent alimony

Parenting Plans

Arrangements that schedule time with the children

Time sharing schedules provide boundaries

Dedicated to helping parents through issues

Child Support

Making sure children are provided for financially

Fair and legally binding child support awards

Comprehensive representation for your case

Paternity Cases

Establishing legal paternity

Enforce your rights

Dedicated to protecting both parents’ rights

Asset & Business Valuations

Accurate valuations that protect our clients’ rights

We have a network of experts in a variety of fields

Proper valuation strategies

Parental Relocation Disputes

Moving can be a very complex issue

We solve time sharing and parenting issues

Legal advice to parents in a relocation dispute

Prenuptial Agreements

Provisions to protect your assets

Beneficial for any couple

Clear understanding of each others rights 

Postnuptial Agreements

Legally binding and enforceable

How to protect your assets

Benefits both spouses

Post-Judgment Modifications

Request to modify court orders

Issues related to divorce and co-parenting

When circumstances change, Sara Singer can help

Post Judgment Enforcement Actions

Ask the court to enforce the terms of the agreement

Start a contempt proceeding

Enforce the terms of the equitable distribution

Property Division

Be left in the best possible position

Comprehensive accounting of assets

Legal advice and courtroom strategy