Post-Judgment Modifications


Post-Judgment Modifications

Fort Lauderdale Attorney Handling Post-Judgment Modifications
Families and their situations change over time. When circumstances change, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Sara J. Singer can request to modify court orders to more adequately reflect the updated needs of either party.

Families change and evolve with time, making it difficult for courts to implement orders that remain relevant, fair and beneficial to the family. When circumstances change, families can request to modify court orders to more adequately reflect their needs.

The Law Offices of Sara J. Singer, is a family law firm that provides comprehensive, effective representation to families facing a wide variety of issues related to divorce and co-parenting. Its attorneys build lasting relationships with clients and remain accessible as advisors and advocates even after the final judgment is entered, so that families always have the information they need to make decisions about their futures.

To ensure that families have stability, courts are reluctant to modify agreements on a regular basis or for slight changes in the family’s situation. However, there are a number of reasons why a court will modify court orders regarding parental responsibility, time sharing, child support or alimony, including significant changes in:

• The income of one or both former spouses
• Schooling or extracurricular activities, which make parenting plans unworkable
• A child’s expenses, including private school tuition, health care costs, camp costs or fees for extracurricular activities
• A parent’s ability to care for the children