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Do you need High Net Worth Divorce Attorney?

Attorney Sara J. Singer has the experience and resources to keep your best interests in sight throughout your divorce. 

A high-net-worth divorce is far more complex than a standard divorce. You need to choose a divorce attorney with experience handling divorces like yours. When one party or both have a high net worth, it’s important to work with an attorney who understands the steps needed to ensure your divorce is properly handled. 

At the Law Offices of Sara J. Singer, we understand how complex high net worth divorces can be, which is why we work with top-notch experts to gather and uncover every vital piece of information needed for your case.  

Some of the experts we utilize include forensic accountants, discrete and effective private investigators, business valuators, mental health professionals, and forensic computer technicians. 

Protect what is yours. Choose Sara J. Singer to handle your divorce. 

When a divorce involves a high-net-worth individual or when both spouses have a high net worth, the divorce process can become too complicated and complex for a generic divorce attorney to handle. 

At the Law Offices of Sara J. Singer, we have the knowledge, resources, and processes in place to see your case through from start to finish. 

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Getting divorced in Florida? Florida requires each spouse to file a financial affidavit. 

This means each spouse assures the other that every item shared in their financial disclosure is accurate, and furthermore, they confirm they have disclosed every single asset they possess. 

What information do we look for during the financial disclosure process? 

We are looking for an honest and accurate list per spouse containing every asset and liability each party possesses. This includes a complete list of the assets each party knows the other owns, marital assets, and any assets one spouse may have kept secret during the marriage. The goal here is to properly identify all of the assets involved in the marriage to allow for a fair and equitable distribution of all the assets and liabilities.

Common assets in a high net worth divorce include but are not limited to the following:

  • Real estate investments
  • Vacation homes 
  • Primary and secondary residences 
  • Rental Properties 
  • Marine vessels, yachts, and boats
  • Private aircrafts
  • Luxury cars
  • Fine jewelry
  • Stocks and investment portfolios 
  • 401(k) accounts, IRA’s, and pension funds
  • Club memberships
  • Businesses
  • Intellectual properties
  • Art collections

Issues high net worth divorces face and their solutions.  

The fact is high net worth divorces have issues unique to them. A common issue in high net worth divorces  is the failure to disclose assets. To help combat this common issue, we engage in an extensive and thorough discovery process to help expose hidden assets, identify every source of income, uncover any unauthorized expenses, and we investigate the valuation of each asset to ensure they were valued fairly.

There’s no substitute for experience. Your attorney’s knowledge is vital for your divorce case. Attorney Sara J. Singer is the attorney you want on your side.