Can I date someone if I’m in the middle of a divorce?

Can I date someone if I’m in the middle of a divorce?

There’s no law saying you cannot date someone before finalizing your divorce; however, dating in the middle of a divorce can result in complications.

Can Dating Affect My Divorce?

If you are in the middle of a divorce and want to begin a romantic relationship with a new partnerit’s important to note that dating during a divorce can potentially impact your divorce in more than one way. 

Here are some ways your divorce process can be affected:

  • Dating can raise questions about marital funds – If your soon-to-be ex-spouse suspects or can prove marital funds are being used on your dates for anything, including trips, dinners, gifts, or really anything – then they may argue you are dissipating marital assets.
  • Dating can have an emotional impact on your ex-spouse – Divorces are an already emotionally tense situation, and if your ex-spouse feels betrayed or is negatively impacted by your new dating life, then negotiations may become complicated. 
  • Child custody may be affected – If your ex-spouse argues your new partner negatively impacts your child’s well-being, then the court may need to review the evidence and make a decision pertaining to any parental time-sharing arrangements that may be awarded.  
  • An additional emotional strain may be placed on your child – If either spouse begins dating during the middle of a divorce, then the child may feel additional emotional burdens as a result. 

Minimizing conflict in a divorce helps the process move faster.

Even an uncontested divorce can quickly become complicated if either spouse begins dating in the middle of the divorce. Avoiding unnecessary complications during the divorce process should be highly considered by both spouses.

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