Does child support cover private school tuition in Florida?

Does child support cover private school tuition in Florida?

Private school tuition can quickly add up, and when you consider that a child normally goes to school for 14 years, that is a lot of tuition to pay for. 

So what happens if the child’s parents go through a divorce? 

Is one parent liable for the child’s private school tuition? 

The answer to this question is complicated, but under certain conditions, one of the parents may be required by the court to pay for the child’s private school tuition. 

The significance of Forrest v. Ron and how one parent may be liable for their child’s private school tuition. 

In the case of Forrest v. Ron, the Florida District Court of Appeals concluded a judge may order parties to share in the expense for the private school tuition of their child if certain conditions are present. 

These conditions include:

  1. If the child has special needs that cannot be met in a public school.
  2. If one or both parents have the financial ability to pay for the tuition 
  3. If it is determined, attending private school is in the child’s best interest. 
  4. If the child has already been enrolled in a private school and removing them from the only environment the child has ever known would cause them distress.
  5. If attending a private school is considered to be within the family’s standard of living.

Every divorce is different and may involve circumstances that create a unique situation.  

Deciding if the parties are  responsible for paying their child’s private school tuition is not an easy decision for a court to arrive at. If you are going through a Florida divorce, and you feel your child can benefit from enrolling in a private school or they already attend a private school, and you wish for them to stay there, contact The Law Offices of Sara J. Singer

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Our compassionate, understanding legal team specializes in helping you fight for your child’s best interests. At the end of the day, when children are involved, keeping them top of mind is important in a divorce. 

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