How to manage your social media accounts during a divorce

How to manage your social media accounts during a divorce

During a divorce case, attorneys commonly search for the social media profiles of the opposing spouse to see what they can easily discover to strengthen their client’s case. This is why we recommend taking a conservative yet proactive approach to your social media usage during a divorce. 

Tips to properly manage your social media accounts during a divorce. 

  1. Change your passwords. You shared a marriage, so you probably shared passwords too. Avoid a situation where the emotions of the opposing spouse cause them to access your profiles and post or share information you would normally not disclose. 
  2. We recommend ceasing any social media activity during your divorce process, but if you decide to post on your accounts, do so cautiously. 
  3. Consider how posting may impact your children. Social posts gain the attention of the people who follow your accounts, and what you post can make it to your children’s eyes or ears. 
  4. Making your accounts private can prevent people who do not follow you from viewing your profile. 
  5. Do research on yourself and discover what social media accounts you have. 
  6. Never ask people for negative information on social media about your spouse. 
  7. Avoid discussing your divorce case online – anywhere. 

Mismanaging your social media accounts during a divorce makes it easier for your spouse’s attorney to build a stronger case against you. Revealing too much – or anything really – may put you in an unfavorable position. This is especially true for cases involving alimony and child custody.

Conclusion: Avoid posting on social media during a divorce. 

Always consult an attorney.  

Attorney Sara J. Singer will provide you with exceptional legal counsel and review things to do and not do during your divorce. 

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