Is divorce mediation required in Florida?

Is divorce mediation required in Florida?

In Florida, you are legally required to attempt mediation before going to trial.  Divorce mediation is a legally binding, private process that allows each spouse to end their marriage in a less confrontational manner than a court proceeding.   

If divorce mediation fails…What’s next?

Divorce mediation commonly fails when:

  1. There is too much conflict 
  2. Neither spouse is willing to compromise
  3. One or both parties are unprepared for mediation

If mediation attempts have been exhausted and neither spouse is willing to compromise, then a choice must be made. You can attempt mediation again with a different mediator, but after a second or third failed mediation attempt, going to trial may be the best option. 

Mediation also offers each spouse a quicker, cost-effective solution to ending their marriage compared to a trial. 

The right divorce lawyer can help. 

Florida laws pertaining to divorce can be complicated. The case can become exponentially more difficult when children are added to the mix.  

Attorney Sara J. Singer and her legal team are experienced and have successfully handled a variety of complex divorces.  

With extensive experience in and out of court, Attorney Sara J. Singer has created a system that empowers her to create a strategic, aggressive approach to handling divorces that helps keep her client’s goals in sight throughout the divorce process.

Our goal will always be to end your marriage in a timely manner during mediation, but if mediation fails, our team is ready to go to court. 

Contact our office today. 

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