Is my divorce lawyer doing a good job?

Is my divorce lawyer doing a good job?

They probably are. 

This is a question I get often. Divorcees often wonder if their divorce attorney is doing a good job.. The legal system has a particular way of handling certain divorces, which can cause delays, but this does not mean your attorney is not working hard toward accomplishing your goals. Attorneys often want to close out cases in a timely manner which works for everyone’s benefit, but some cases cannot be rushed. 

What I like to see in divorce cases when performing a case review are signs of forward momentum and progress. 

However, if you feel like your divorce is not moving along as it should and/or progress is not visible – then you may want to consider having another attorney review your case. 

Complex cases like high net worth or contested divorces require a unique set of skills not every divorce attorney possesses.

If you find yourself in a complex divorce, choosing an attorney with experience handling cases like yours is critical to help ensure your goals are in sight with a clear plan to help you accomplish them. 

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Feeling like your attorney is not cutting it is a terrible feeling. Divorces are stressful enough, but dealing with added uncertainty around your divorce because of your attorney can lead to frustration and anger. Remember, though, most of the time, your divorce attorney is doing a good job, but they have certain hurdles to jump over before finalizing your divorce. 

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