Protecting Your Assets In A High Net-Worth Divorce

Protecting Your Assets In A High Net-Worth Divorce

Divorces risk putting your finances, family, and even your personal life in the public eye. Ensuring you are protected financially and that your privacy is maintained is one of our top goals.

After divorce-related documentation is filed, those documents become public records and can be accessed by someone looking to gain personal information pertaining to you or your spouse. If your divorce documentation is accessed by someone, they can use the information to legally violate your privacy, impacting your career, public opinion, and even future relationships.

Divorce mediation is private, and documentation is not publicly available. 

In Florida, you are legally obligated to attempt divorce mediation before your case goes to trial. Concluding your divorce during this stage is in your best interest if either spouse wants their information and the details of the divorce to remain private. 

Divorce mediation is commonly used by those with a high net worth and by high-profile individuals. 

Can I have my Florida divorce records sealed? 

By default, divorce records are publicly accessible. Sealing your divorce records helps keep the public from knowing details about your divorce, but not every divorce is eligible to have its records sealed. An attorney can file to have your records sealed if one or more special circumstances are met, such as: 

  • One or more spouses engaged in child abuse
  • Sexual abuse occurred 
  • Private business information is contained in the records

The court will not seal your records just because the details contained within them place you in a bad light or they embarrass you. These reasons are not valid and will most likely not even be considered. 

Additionally, if your records do qualify to be sealed, the court can choose to seal the whole record or only a portion of it. 

Choose a divorce attorney with experience handling cases like yours. Attorney Sara J. Singer and her team are well-versed in handling high net worth and high-profile divorces. Our process is targeted and discrete. 

If you find yourself in a divorce and you want to keep it private, contact our office today. Our team will be discrete and handle your case with care. 

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